Summer’s feature item is “Monarch.” A porcelain vase. Perfect for summer/fall flowers! It is a 9.5”tall. The beautiful butterfly is pierced into the side with additional sgraffito flowers. The rim is sculpted to accent the butterfly. I used a clear glaze to give it the pure porcelain look. $135.

Joyce Inderbitzin dedicates her life to creating handcrafted stoneware and raku pottery. Located in Yardley, Pennsylvania, Joyce designs beautiful, original clay pieces.

Joyce has forty years of experience built around great education and apprenticeships with well-known artists. This education has led to her becoming a seasoned clay artist. Joyce makes every piece of stoneware and raku pottery by hand, so no two pieces look exactly alike.

Stoneware pottery remains a popular choice for Joyce’s customers. Many people use stoneware for its amazing cooking capabilities, but they also enjoy it for its natural beauty. Because of this, Joyce makes sure to incorporate inviting colors into each piece.

Raku is one of the most interesting methods for making clay products. Using the raku method, Joyce smokes or flames pieces, giving each final product a different look. The raku pieces that she creates, have stunning colors and can be an ideal centerpiece. Many of her raku pottery pieces have a sculptural component.

Available stoneware pottery and raku can be viewed on the website. If you have any questions, contact Joyce today email at

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  • December brings several holiday celebrations. I hope you enjoy the one closest to you heart! Check out products on this site to see if any would be the perfect gift to brighten someone’s day.

  • Check out my new medium, oil paint. I started in January 2019 with Bob Seufert, a well-known local artist. I took several classes but he closed his studio due to Covid 19 one year ago. I painted on my own for several months then joined an Artists Of Yardley class with Anne Cannon. I am truly enjoying this new adventure.