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Garden Lamps My lamps are hand thrown high fire stoneware into which I have pieced various patterns that would grace any landscape. Designs are of birds, flowers, dragon flies or butterflies. I have installed the lamps on strong copper poles to enhance them, then wired them so that the patterns would light the area wherever they are placed. The copper piping used gets a nice weathered patina in time. They are good through all seasons, providing unique lighting for your landscape and/or path. The patterns will also be thrown in the area around the lamps. They are especially beautiful when it snows. You will get rave comments from your friends and family wherever you choose to place your garden lamps. These lamps are designed to spotlight walkways, special foliage or other places you want to highlight. They are twelve volts so they have little impact on your electric bill. They can be placed as a single one or strung in threes or fives or whatever you desire. A transformer is required according to the number you choose and can be purchased at a local hardware store. It has a timer, so these beautiful lamps will go on and off according to your setup. They will be about 4 feet off the ground with about 8-10″ going into the ground. They have attached spikes to hold them in place. They are design with an easy snap on system to connect them to the ground wire. If you are in my area, installation can be arranged at an added cost.