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Raku firing has become very popular with artists like Joyce, who takes advantage of the amazing colors, textures and details brought out by this firing method. This method gives raku pottery a copper tone and smoked appeal. The appearance of raku products is the result of firing the clay to 1750 degrees F. Once this temperature has been reached, the piece is removed from the kiln and can be either smoked or flamed in the after burn chamber. The overall look will be shiny or matte depending on the glaze and the after burn giving it a rainbow of beautiful copper toned colors. Raku pottery is a challenge to create, but Joyce always rises to the occasion. Her raku pottery collection consists of spirit jars and vases. If you have any questions about Joyce’s raku pieces or other creations, contact her today!
Garden Lamps The beautiful garden lamps enhance you landscape and bring rave reviews from all who see them. Super easy installation with low 12v energy saving connection. Strong copper piping is used which gets a nice weathered patina in time. Lamps withstand snow, ice, cold, rain and sun. Transformers can be purchased at a hardware store that will take three or 6 lamps. They will be ready to view by spring.

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