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Raku is a form of firing pottery. Work is made with the firing method in mind. Pieces are bisqued and glazed with various raku glazes and fired to 1750 degrees F. When this temperature is reached and the glazes are shiny the door of the kiln is removed and the pieces are taken out one at a time to be smoked or flamed depending on the desired effect. I do both types. Because of the nature of the after fire, the glazes have a wide range of colors with little predictability. Many things effect this. Position in the kiln, in what order it was removed (this would be because of the temperature of the piece upon removal,) the temperature of the air, the wind, the humidity, and how effective the after fire is. I can match the size and shape, and have some control over the color, but much is the gift of the after fire and how I address it. The shiny glazed vessels are put in a smoking chamber and buried in sawdust, then the chamber is closed to produce the smoke. The matt glazed vessels are put in a chamber with a small amount of sawdust and a large fire is built around it. I do many with both methods in combination which is much more challenging. If you look at the pieces in the Raku Gallery with the shiny coppery or silverish rims and a myriad of colors below the rim, you will see what I mean. These pieces give you an approximate idea of how raku firing is achieved. The raku artwork you see on these pages are one of a kind. You would get the one pictured should you choose to purchase it.