Amber Crystal Treasured Jar

When I travel I enjoy seeing the geodes, gems, and petrified wood that various rock stores carry. I started a collection quite a number of years ago. Now I find I want to share them by using them in my raku. On this jar I had made an abstract pair of cupped leaves joined at top point. It seemed a natural hollow to put a raw gem. The luscious colors that developed in the firing just screamed amber. I found this chunk of stone citrine fit beautifully in that hollow. I chose amber colored lamp worked glass beads to further decorate the jar. This is my first and at the moment the only raw gem in my various artworks. The stones around the jar are included in the price.

Size: about 3.5" ht x 5" dia

Color: As shown

One of a kind


More images are available. Contact me at


Price: $125.00

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