Arizona Mustang Spirit Jar

Horses... The horse, a truly American icon. I am a rider and love these willing companions. I highly textured this covered jar, added ceramic beads strung on, yes, horse hair which I braided. Found feathers finish the "jewelry." My matte glaze responded beautifully to the after burn. Yet the horse figure is the highlight of this jar. Spirit Horse is a prominent theme in Arizona. Mustangs run free. Hopefully I have captured the free spirit here.

Size: 5.5" ht x 6.5" dia.

Colors: As shown

One of a Kind

I do repeat my horse theme, yet each is an individual because of all the variants: how I throw the actual jar, how I fashion the sculptural figure, if I use texture, how the matte glaze responds to the fire, what added accents I choose to adorn the finished vessel. These make each new jar a unique item. This as with all my artwork, I have more photos. If you are interested in this jar, e-mail me at and I will send you some.


Price: $225.00

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