The Plains Were His

The Plains Were His

A hundred fifty years ago our western plains were black with buffalo. They owned the range. Today they are recouping from the slaughter. This is my representation of the spirit of the mighty buffalo. Coppers accent his body and are repeated in the main vessel itself, while blues surround the copper. Simple found feathers adorn the added clay pieces on three separate areas. Other colors, just as interesting, encircle the round body of the jar. This powerful covered container is one of a kind. you will received the one in the photo if you decide this is the piece for your gift or for you. Click on the picture to see a large view. Interested in purchasing this stunning vessel, e-mail me at to see the other side of the piece.

Size: 13" ht x 8" dia.

Colors: As shown

One of a Kind


Price: $625.00

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