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Raku reminds me of scenes from science programs about the formation of our wonderful solar system, indeed the universe. My vessels are inspired by these marvelous happening, thus the names. This firing method creates colors by some of the same processes that causes the happening in the universe. Vase shapes, themselves are so satisfying to the eye. I make them in a series. Each is “a one of a kind.” The individual throwing process, the size, shape, additional sculptural parts, the glazes, firing process, the weather, all play a part in the final visual result. They are designed to be strong forms that need nothing to complete their look. Since these are raku vessels, they will seep water, yet lining with a plastic container or bag can prevent this therefore allowing use for flowers. A dry arrangement works well. I will be adding new vases as I continue to photograph my completed ones.

Galaxy Tracks

Raku has two types of finishing methods, smoking and/or flaming. This piece has both. The interior and rim were smoked; the matte glaze on the sides was flamed. The controlled flames lick the glaze making a variety of color. I added crisscrossed texture and loops to this vessel catching the shiny glaze, giving it an unusual dimension. This exciting piece will draw comments from your friends.

It stands 10.5″ tall, with a 6.5″ width x 7.75 at loops, (not handles). Picture show both sides.


Price: $295.00

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Red Giant

This vessel is tall and lean with a distinctive red glow flashed on the surface by fire starved for oxygen. It has a rare silvery bluish rim. I applied three thumb elements on indented lines on three equidistant areas on the body. Each was glazed the same glaze on the rim, to pick up that color theme and carrying it into the body of the vase.

Size: 11″ ht x 7″ dia.

Colors: As shown

One of a Kind


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As with all my raku artwork, more photos are available upon request. jipottery@comcast.net


Price: $295.00

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