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Stoneware is a high fire (2380 degrees F) clay that has many properties including how it handles in the making of the piece and how it effects the glazes. I choose white stoneware for my functional pieces because of it’s fluid nature and neutral backdrop for my glazes. It is very sturdy and can handle everyday use. It is dishwasher and microwave safe, plus it can tolerate oven temperatures to 350 degrees provided that it isn’t shocked (it needs to warm up slowly by being put in a cold oven.) These qualities are great. Now the colors are acheived by layering of my glazes. I choose this to give the pot depth of color and a greater variety within the work. My fanciful work is treated differently. Some I highly piece, some less so and others I sculpt texture or accents into them. I do however recommend that any cut work you buy, because of the delicate piercing, be hand washed. Many of these pieces can be ordered in different sizes and colors. All hand made pottery is subject to slight changes in size and shape. Color is subject to each batch of glaze. Most of my work I hand throw on a potter’s wheel and like to leave marks of my hand in the clay, such as finger rings in the bottom of bowls. My glazes are formulated and made by me. I personally measure the ingredients on a gram scale. The batch of raw material, the amount of water to chemicals, the barometric pressure, the placement in the kiln, the temperature and type of the firing, the manor a piece is glazed, all influence the end color and depth of the glaze. I try to keep these as consistent as possible. I try not to have the solid color indicative of commercial products. I fire my stoneware in an electric kiln which provides an oxygen atmosphere. This type of firing is convenient but the glazes can have a flat look. To avoid this, I glaze most every piece with two glazes. In some cases I dip the rim in a third to give a dark blue variation. You can see this in “Lotus.” By using multiple glazes I can achieve great variation and depth in the color. Variety is something I hope to attain in a hand made piece of pottery.