4 Piece Place Settings

I started several years ago to add my cut work to my dinnerware place settings. This fancy edge sets off your dinner table in a very special way. People will take notice. If you like to entertain these place settings will accent you dinner party like no other. I make them in 5 different colors as you see in the photo. You can choose one color for all your needs or mix them up. Pieces can be purchased individually also. Dinner plates are $54 each, Lunch plates are $38 each, cereal/chili/ice cream Bowls are $35 each, Mugs are $38 each. Any color. One set of 4 is $165.

Questions? E-mail me at jipottery@comcast.net.


Aqua blue with a dark blue rim

Dessert Sand

Variegated Brown

Vivid blue with a dark blue

Sea green with a dark blue rim

4 Pieces: 10" Dinner Plate, 8" Lunch Plate, 6" diameter Bowl, 10-12 oz. Mug


Price: $165.00

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