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How Pottery Makes Your Home Unique/Upcoming Art Show

Monday, April 29th, 2013

The spring months represent a time for change and improvement, making the ideal season for new beginnings, big projects, and new décor themes. Spring is the time to change the look of your home or office, revamping your mood along with your personal sanctuary.

When decorating your home or office, remember that there are no mistakes when it comes to decorating; décor choices are yours and yours alone. When you complete a room, it should reflect whom you are and how you feel, and it should include a few unique pieces to pique interest from your guests.

Raku pottery stands out in any room, because it differs from other ceramic or porcelain accents so much so that some choose raku or stoneware pottery even though porcelain is lighter and has more glass-like features. Handcrafted and intricate designs of raku pottery will surely stand out.

For those interested in handcrafted raku pottery, consider visiting the art show at Show of Hands Gallery in Philadelphia.

Gallery director Paul Harris owns and runs this gallery to display and encourage local artists, often favoring unique, contemporary pieces. I will be in the show, along with two other artists with a passion for their mediums, which means it will be a great place to find must-have, rare décor for your project. All my work in this show is raku.

You can expect to see a myriad of raku pottery vases, covered vessels and keepsakes.

*View more photos on my Gallery Page.

“Show of Hands”
May 5 – June 10
“Meet the Artist” Reception – May 5, 2-5 p.m.
Hours: Monday through Saturday, (closed Tues.) Noon-6 pm, Sunday Noon-5 pm



raku pottery

Under the Sea Amphora
5″ x 13″
Fran Leyenberger

Raku Pottery

Cobblestone Vessel
3″ x 3″
Brett S. Wallerstein



Bear with Beads Spirit Jar
8″ x 8” x 12″
Joyce Inderbitzin