Making Waves Spirit Jar

What a fun ocean creature is the dolphin! Playful, jumping, splashing, chattering, truly making waves. Here is my figure representing our fabulous friend. I used my matte glaze on most of this jar, which once fired, turned into waves of colors in motion around this whole piece. When I added adornment, I chose my own lamp worked glass beads, which themselves have swirling colors. These "jewels," picked up this same waves theme giving this spirit jar a further motion.

Size: 5.5" ht x 6.5" dia.

Colors: As shown

One of a Kind

This Dolphin Spirit Jar is the only one like this. The only one. This dolphin could add a individual look to an area in your home or be a special gift. E-mail me for more views.


Price: $225.00

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