Butterflies are a wonder of the warm seasons. This bowl has three butterflies pierced into the upper sides, with the rim curved to accent them. It comes in two sizes. There are several colors to choose from: lavender, aqua blue with a dark blue rim(shown here), sea green with a dark blue rim, desert sand, and variegated brown. Lavender is show here. Takes about 6 weeks to complete an order.

If you would like one of these beautiful bowls, choose a size and color then e-mail me at jipottery@comcast.net.

6” diameter @ $50

8” diameter @$70

Special order: Contact: Joyce at jipottery@comcast.net Choose 6" diameter bowl @ $50 or 8" diameter @ $70 Choose a color: Aqua Blue with dark blue rim, Sea Green with a dark blue rim, Desert Sand or Variegated Brown.


Price: $50.00

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